MC2 Marketing, based in Brentwood, Essex, is a team of freelance marketing professionals who love helping people get the most from their marketing budget.

Whether you need advice on advertising, promotion, imagery, PR, websites, SEO, Facebook marketing, Social Media strategy or Adwords, we can help.

Small businesses contribute 40% of the UK turnover and have a huge depth of expertise.

However, not every small business is an expert in marketing and producing content. With a little guidance, marketing should be straight-forward and valuable.

What We Believe In

• Keeping It Simple
• Reducing Your Costs
• Developing Your Business
• Improving Your Returns
• Telling The Truth

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Ian Mullins – Head of Strategy & Storytelling 

Ian has spent over 30 years in media, marketing and business and takes great care in listening to his clients before making any recommendations.

During his Advertising and Marketing career, Ian has worked for three of the top five media agencies in London.

He has launched and managed marketing campaigns for UK & Global brands including Emirates Airlines, Hitachi, Express Newspapers and many more.

He has been responsible for spending over £100m on behalf of clients and is now enjoying sharing that knowledge and experience with small businesses. 

Ian and the team now work with budgets from £1,000 to £100,000

Not only a great media thinker, Ian also put his own money where his mouth is and launched his own social network www.thesocialgolfer.com, which was in profit in its second year of operation.

He is keen to drive Consistency and Clarity online and offline and has a superb knack of explaining things simply and concisely.

Ian Mullins - Head of Storytelling, Websites, MC2 Marketing, Brentwood, Essex

Jan Lewis – Head of Graphic Design & Brand Identity

Jan presents herself as Jan Lewis Creative. She has been freelancing for 25 years and has no plans to switch careers anytime soon. In fact, Jan loves her job!

Why? It’s a combination of the variety of clients we work with and the fact that no two briefs are the same. Jan believes every client is unique and each brand or product has a different story to tell, and that is what keeps her interested in the world of design.

Jan only uses responsibly sourced materials wherever possible, and is always considerate about ‘what happens next’ to the materials she creates. Jan has a number of London Agency clients and works with them for brands including the NHS, L&Q, Avast and Britvic.

The rest of her time is spent developing logos and imagery for MC2 Marketing and its clients. Jan wouldn’t tell you, but she’s REALLY GOOD at what she does!

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Adam Croot – Head of Development & Databases

Adam joined MC2 in 2018. He writes code and actually understands how it all works. He loves a challenge and creating new and more efficient ways to get stuff done.

Self taught, he once built a self-driving robot lawnmower – including designing and building the circuit! He also once broadcast an album launch party from the O2, to 300,000 people worldwide, way before YouTube Live was a thing.

“I’ve written code since I was 11. In the time since, a computer has done what I’ve asked, successfully, on at least three occasions!”

He’s very humble is Adam, but he is also a key reason why MC2 won the WooRank Best SEO Agency Strategy Award 2021 for our work on The Social Golfer. 

When he’s not working (like, never!), he likes to cook and put broken cars back together.


Sarah Todhunter – Content Writer

Sarah comes from a sales and content marketing background and works with MC2 as our Lead Content Writer.

Sarah creates optimised blog posts and web pages, taking into account the need for good SEO, thus improving our clients’ online presence.

Trading as Fyxen Copywriters, Sarah has written for clients across the globe and from all industries, from start-ups to multinationals.

Her MC2 projects include transport, construction and charity organisations, to name but a few. With a focus on demonstrating expertise, authority and trust, Sarah’s people-centred writing complements MC2’s approach to strategic SEO.

Sarah Todhunter - Content Writer - MC2 Marketing, Brentwood

Sam Monaghan – SEO Analyst

Sam joined the MC2 Marketing team in 2019 and is our go to ‘sounding board’ for all things SEO. His knowledge of the sector and proven record speak for themselves.

Sam is based at Tomato Network in Colchester, the agency he founded in 2003 – yes, right at the start of it all.

Sam works closely with Ian to ensure best practice in SEO is followed across a number of our clients, including Sovereign Home Improvements. He has helped to position them at the top of Google, Position 1 for ‘Extensions in Essex’ in what is a VERY competitive sector.

When Sam isn’t trawling through click-thru data and Search Engine Ranking Positions (S.E.R.P), he can be found driving to festivals and gigs in his VW camper van.

MC2 Marketing, Media, Marketing, Creative, Content & Websites v2

Lalita Jones – WordPress Developer

Lalita joined the MC2 team in 2018 and has established herself as a vital member of the team as our WordPress ‘fixer’.  Lalita works losely with Ian & Jan to implement strategy and design across all MC2 client sites.

Lalita is a senior-level web programmer with experience in developing, designing, and maintaining WordPress sites.

Based in India, she was fully employed for seven years but has worked independently since 2016.

When she is not fixing plugins, WordPress templates and clearing servers, she has an interest in the stock market and follows cryptocurrency news.