Why Us

Fragmented Media

The Fragmented World of Media

Apart from being incredibly fun to work with, we wouldn’t be living our own mantra if we didn’t have a set of our own brand values to adhere to:

  • Simplicity
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Accountability

With the world of media becoming increasingly fragmented and with small businesses having limited resources and  a lack of knowledge in the area, it’s paramount you have a hand to hold you through the new world of digital media.

However, whether you decide to work with us or not, here’s a few words of advice when dealing with any kind of marketing:

  • Everybody thinks they are a Marketeer – they’re not
  • Do your research on who your audience is
  • Get multiple quotes and check out the customers testimonials
  • Design your marketing materials for Customers not your mates
  • Make your content interesting
  • Consider your IPR (intellectual property rights) on other people’s images
  • Ask a Consultant with a track record